Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Representing the 25th District of FLORIDA

Diaz-Balart Statement on H.R. 8

Mar 11, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C.– Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart release the following statement regarding his vote on H.R. 8.


“Last Congress, I voted for H.R.8 as a starting point for what I hoped would be serious bipartisan negotiations to strengthen background checks. My position in support of background checks has not changed. Regrettably, the radical left altered this bill and, in the process, made it far worse and indefensible. By giving unelected bureaucrats unchecked, free reign over the implementation of this legislation, the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens are significantly threatened. I have repeatedly supported legislation to enhance the safety of our communities and our schools, including the three bipartisan bills I sponsored this Congress. This is also why I made it clear that I was willing to negotiate this bill in good faith last Congress. However, House Democratic Leadership has brought forth an overly-partisan and extremist bill that fails to effectively address background checks and imposes measures that amount to clear government overreach.”


“Here are the bills I have co-led and co-sponsored that further improve school safety, support mental health, expand information sharing, and address the root causes of gun violence.”



·     H.R. 1229 EAGLES Act (co-lead)

·     H.R. 750 Luke and Alex School Safety Act (co-lead)

·     NICS Denial Notification Act (co-lead)



·     H.R. 744 Protecting Our Communities and Rights Act (original cosponsor)

·     H.R. 838 Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act (cosponsor)

·     H.R. 1192 Student and Teacher Safety Act (original cosponsor)

·     H.R. 1671 NICS Denial Notification Act (co-lead)

·     H.R. 2100 Safe to Tell Act (co-lead)

·     H.R. 2319 21st Century NICS Act (original cosponsor)

·     H.R. 3714 EAGLES Act (co-lead)

·     H.R. 4889 Threat Information Protocol for Sharing (TIPS) Act (original cosponsor)

·     H.R. 5229 Luke and Alex School Safety Act (co-lead)



·     H.R. 4471 NICS Denial Notification Act (cosponsor)

·     H.R. 4909 STOP School Violence Act (cosponsor)

·     H.R. 5135 Securing Children in Schools Act (original cosponsor)

·     H.R. 6713 Safe to Tell Act (cosponsor)

·     H.R. 6747 Protecting Our Communities and Rights Act of 2018 (original cosponsor)