Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Representing the 25th District of FLORIDA

Diaz-Balart: Trump Administration’s Full Implementation of Title III is a Monumental Decision

Apr 17, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­– Diaz-Balart issued the following statement following the Trump Administration’s decision to allow lawsuits against traffickers in confiscated property, and to prohibit U.S. entry to those traffickers, as authorized in the LIBERTAD Act of 1996.

“At long last, victims of confiscated properties will finally have the chance to pursue claims to recoup losses suffered at the hands of the Castro regime. I roundly applaud President Trump and his administration for this bold and courageous decision on this issue of historic significance.

“President Trump and his administration have demonstrated remarkable solidarity with the Cuban people and the regime’s other victims in tightening sanctions by prohibiting financial transactions with the Cuban military. The unprecedented decision to cease exercising the suspension authority, and to allow the lawsuits to move forward, marks a watershed moment in Cuba’s history.

“Shamefully, the Cuban regime has oppressed the Cuban people for decades, and over the years has opposed key U.S. interests around the globe from Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. As to our hemisphere currently, Administration officials, the OAS Secretary General, and numerous reports have implicated the Cuban dictatorship in being a particularly malignant influence in Venezuela, with grave consequences for the Venezuelan people. “Cutting off resources and investment to the regime in Cuba will benefit both U.S. national security interests and regional security interests for neighbors in our hemisphere.

“With President Trump’s monumental decision, the regime in Cuba, and its unscrupulous business partners will be held accountable for decades of exploitation of stolen properties. Businesses that have enjoyed nearly twenty-three years of impunity from Title III finally will be liable for their roles in bolstering the dictatorship and will be made to pay for it. They had plenty of time to comply with U.S. law.

“President Trump has made an indelible mark on U.S. foreign policy with monumental strides by both standing up to tyrants while standing firmly with our allies and pro-democracy leaders. In fact, the President had already taken important steps in holding the regime in Cuba accountable for its human rights abuses and anti-American activities, and he has been a faithful champion of the Cuban people and others struggling for freedom. Today, he has shown that he will continue his broad strides in U.S.-Cuba policy by allowing the regime’s victims to pursue justice in U.S. courts. America’s allies and friends, if you are not trafficking in stolen property, then you have nothing to fear with the enforcement of Title III, a nearly 23-year-old provision in U.S. law. Potential and current investors in Cuba are on notice: partnering with a brutal, anti-American tyrant is not only wrong, but it will cost you.”