Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Representing the 25th District of FLORIDA

Mario Diaz-Balart Opposes Pelosi Healthcare Bill that Kills Jobs and Increases the Cost of Healthcare

Nov 7, 2009
Press Release

For Immediate Release:

Washington, DC - Today the House passed H.R.3962, which costs $1.3 trillion, raises taxes by $730 billion, makes $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, burdens our already struggling States with a $34 billion Medicaid expansion mandate and massively increases federal bureaucratic control over healthcare decisions.  The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said the bill will increase the cost of healthcare on American families.

“It is unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi imposed this more than 2,000- page monstrosity on the American people that will kill jobs, devastate Medicare, impose huge tax increases and forces States to make reductions in education and public safety funding.”

“The proposal I supported would have lowered healthcare premiums, increased access by guaranteeing all Americans, including those with pre-existing conditions have access to affordable health coverage, expands access through high risk pools and reinsurance programs, allows you to purchase any plan that fits your needs, even across state lines, allows small businesses and other organizations to band together to purchase affordable insurance coverage for their employees all while allowing you to keep the coverage you have and reducing the deficit by $68 billion.”

“What the American people deserve and demand is responsible reform that will lower healthcare costs without raising taxes.  Unfortunately the irresponsible legislation Speaker Pelosi shoved through Congress will devastate our families, seniors and small businesses with higher taxes, more government control, devastating cuts to Medicare and massive new debt on our children and grandchildren.”