Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Representing the 25th District of FLORIDA

Diaz-Balart Lauds Additional U.S. Sanctions Against Maduro Regime Operatives

May 7, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement after U.S. Vice President Michael Pence announced additional sanctions against the Maduro regime during a speech at a meeting of the Organization of American States.

“I commend the Administration for announcing new, tough sanctions against three more Maduro cronies, and for demanding genuine elections that are free and fair.  I also welcome the announced $2.5 million in aid to meet the needs of Venezuelan refugees fleeing to Colombia to escape oppression and destitution, which is in addition to the $16 million promised at the Summit of the Americas.  Many OAS countries have condemned Maduro’s malfeasance and assaults on democracy.  With rampant corruption and crime escalating in Venezuela, particularly by those with close ties to the Maduro regime, individuals such as those sanctioned today must be strictly prohibited from laundering their ill-gotten gains through the U.S. financial system. Today’s announcement at OAS is a strong demonstration of America’s commitment to democracy and freedom for the Venezuelan people, and I greatly appreciate the administration’s leadership in promoting U.S. values and interests in our hemisphere.”
In today’s announcement, the administration sanctioned Pedro Luis Martin Olivares as a significant foreign narcotics trafficker under the Kingpin Act. It also sanctioned Walter Alexander Del Nogal Marquez and Mario Antonio Rodriguez Espinoza for assisting in international narcotics trafficking. These sanctions were the result of the coordinated efforts by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and Customs and Border Protection’s National Targeting Center. More information on the sanctions can be found here.