Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart

Representing the 25th District of FLORIDA

South Florida's Help on Way to People of Haiti: Diaz-Balart, Food For The Poor Join Efforts of Coral Reef Senior High School Haitian Relief Project

May 14, 2008
Press Release

MIAMI— Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) will join Angel Aloma, Executive Director of Food for the Poor, at Coral Reef Senior High School next Monday, May 19th at 10:00 a.m. for a ceremony in honor of The Haitian Relief Project, the school’s drive for victims of food shortages in Haiti.  The project is headed by Stephany Giraldo-Henao, a junior at Coral Reef Senior High.  

“We all know of the terrible food shortages people in Haiti are facing right now.  Stephany wanted to do something to help them and took it upon herself to start this important project.  I am impressed by her drive and initiative,” said Diaz-Balart.  “I am very happy to help Stephany and applaud the help she has received from her classmates and teachers at Coral Reef Senior High. I thank Food For The Poor for offering to help in transporting the goods so that the people of Haiti can benefit from this relief as soon as possible.” 

The Haitian Relief Project began as a class project at Coral Reef Senior High in response to the food shortage and poverty crisis in Haiti.  Giraldo-Henao decided to take it once step further and turned it into a school-wide event.  Among those in the community involved is Food For The Poor, who has committed to transporting the goods to Haiti.  

“Many students believe that they can not make a difference and that their voices will not be heard, but I am glad to say that we have proven them wrong,” said Giraldo-Henao.  “We can make a difference; when we set our minds and our hearts on a goal we can achieve it no matter how impossible it may seem.  I am hoping that this effort will open the eyes of the community to the problems our world is faced with and let them know that they can achieve anything.”

“The terrible food shortages in Haiti desperately need the attention of the American public,” said Aloma.  “Even before the current food crisis, many children in Haiti were extremely malnourished, and were forced to quell their hunger pains with mud cookies. Students at Coral Reef Senior High School, through their generosity and desire to learn have brought awareness of the on-going crisis to the South Florida community. Food For The Poor commends the efforts of the students, faculty, and the support they received from Congressman Diaz-Balart.”

WHO: Congressmen Mario Diaz-Balart, Angel Aloma of Food For The Poor Angel Aloma, Stephany Giraldo-Henao and other students, faculty and staff of Coral Reef Senior High School

WHAT: Ceremony to honor Coral Reef Senior High School’s The Haitian Relief Project and discussion of the food shortage and poverty crisis in Haiti

WHEN: Monday, May 19, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

WHERE: Coral Reef Senior High School Auditorium, 10101 SW 152nd Street, Miami, FL 33157