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Defense/National Security

The federal government's most important priority is to "provide for the common defense" and "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

As we all know too well, Semptember 11, 2001 was a horrific day full of devastation and destruction. It also reminded us of just how vulnerable we really are and that we need to take measures to help ensure our safety.

January 28, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C.–– Today, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) was appointed to serve on the Defense, and State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees on Appropriations, in addition to serving as Ranking Member of the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development Subcommittee.

"I am beyond grateful to my colleagues for selecting me to serve on three Subcommittees on Appropriations. I am especially thankful to Ranking Member Kay Granger for her invaluable leadership and support.

October 27, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. –– This morning, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) was presented with the C.W. "Bill" Young Freedom Medal by the Florida Defense Contractors Association. This recognition, which has only been presented twice before, is given to individuals with a distinguished record of supporting our U.S. fighting forces.

June 25, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­–– Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart issued the following statement after voting against H.R. 7120, the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act of 2020, a partisan bill that would make our communities less safe by hindering the ability of good police officers to do their jobs effectively.

August 3, 2019
Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement after Admiral Craig Faller from U.S. SOUTHCOM announced that the Joint Interagency Task Force-South(JIATF-S) will remain in Key West.
May 1, 2019

WASHINGTON, D.C. ­­–– Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart provided the following clarification after several press reports misinterpreted comments that he made on Tucker Carlson's show broadcast on Fox News on April 30, 2019.

March 25, 2019

WASHINGTON ­­– Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart (FL-25) issued the following statement after the House of Representatives unanimously approved important legislation on Venezuela.

"As an original cosponsor of the Venezuela Arms Restriction Act (HR 920), I strongly support preventing the sale of weapons to Venezuela's security services. These weapons could be used to further violently oppress the Venezuelan people, and to benefit drug trafficking, corruption, and other criminal activity of Maduro and his cronies," Diaz-Balart said.

March 25, 2019

Diaz-Balart: Hoy apoyé una importante legislación para abordar las graves preocupaciones de seguridad nacional planteadas por el régimen de Maduro.

September 26, 2018
Congressman Diaz-Balart, a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, issued the following statement after the House approved H.R. 6157, the Department of Defense and Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations and Continuing Appropriations Act.
August 6, 2018
Congressman Diaz-Balart issued the following statement in response to the Trump administration restoring sanctions on Iran that were lifted by the previous administration in 2015.